A Easy and Powerful Data Processing Tool

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A Ready-to-use, Easy-to-use Programming Data Processing Tool

esProc is a commercial software embedded with interfaces for connecting to a variety of external data sources, all ready-to-use after installation, no worry about the deployment. With simple syntax and moderate learning curve, esProc enables users who are only familiar with spreadsheet tools and have never write a single line of code to experience an automatic and efficient data processing through programming. After short time practices, you’ll find it easier to process data by writing a program.

More Efficient and Convenient Data Processing Tool

esProc is a scripting language run on JRE. So it is more efficient and has cross-platform development ability. It is several times faster than Python processing big data on a single machine. It offers both in-memory computing and external memory computing and can process the whole amount of data which stored on the computer. It adopts stream computing to enable smooth processing in an environment of small memory plus large disk, eliminating the risk of machine breakdown with the increase of data to a large scale. It can retrieve data from different data sources. When the data is converted into an in-memory object, esProc use it uniformly as it treats data from a single source. esProc is the most convenient tool for dealing with multi-source hybrid computations.

A Powerful Addition to SQL

- Find no support for window functions and poor stored-procedures in your current database? esProc assists SQL to accomplish the computational logic easily.

- Get confused in debugging and maintaining stored-procedures? esProc can decouple stored-procedure algorithms from the database. esProc implements algorithms outside of the database, make debugging and maintenance conveniently and efficiently.

In fact, when you find that SQL is difficult to write, try esProc, we have a large number of Success Use Cases.